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Welcome to The JARL QRP CLUB !!


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5/22/2010 Updated: We are going to have 2010 Worldwide QRP Contest !!
4/26/2009 [Members Only] Our new bulletin (Mar. 2009) is now available in the members area.
4/26/2009 QRP Get-Together Meeting details are updated.
3/15/2009 Updated: Total Power Competition 2009 !!

Special Event stations are successfully finished !!

Following photos show some activities this year(Five special event stations, 8J1P, 8J3P, 8J4P, 8J5P and 8J6P).
Thank you for listening our weak signal. The results will be posted soon.

at Mt. Akagi at Mt. Jimba
2007/05/03 at Mt. Akagi 2007/05/13 at Mt. Jimba

The 50th anniversary commemoration event of The JARL QRP CLUB !

The JARL QRP Club was established in 1956 and the year 2006 was the 50th anniversary of our club! On November 18th 2006, the 50th anniversary commemoration event were held in Tokyo (Harumi) at the Hotel Marinerscourt Tokyo. It started with the commemoration ceremony at 2:30 PM and three QRP frontiers (JA1AA-Shono OM, JH1FCZ-Okubo OM, JH1HTK-Masuzawa OM) made commemorative presentations about "the history of 50 years". Consequently the congratulatory party was held, after that the auction. The club members who gathered there showed their proud rigs each other and they soaked in QRP with some drinks until late at night.

Presentation by JA1AA Cheers! at the congratulatory party Exciting auction
Presentation by JA1AA Cheers! at the congratulatory party Exciting auction