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Photo Gallery of Special Event Stations 2005

Here are photos of Special Event Stations in 2005. You can get larger picture if you click on pictures below.


8J1VLP/1 On top of Mt.Nishi-Mikabo, Gumna pref. 50MHz Hentena and 430MHz 3ele loop.
8J1VLP/1 After taking a hot spring bath, clad in comfortable Yukata (Japanese traditional kotton Kimono for summer), let's sit back, relax, and enjoy QRP !
These are the antennas used in the 8J1VLP/5 operation.
QRP friends, beaming happily with smiles.
8J1VLP/6 in Oita Prefecture. JP6VCH, JA6UG and JA6AUI. (photo by JJ6TWQ)
JA6UG, JJ6TWQ, JA6UG and JA6AUI (photo by JP6VCH). 8J1VLP/6 Sea food BBQ party at night on June 17, 2005 to celebrate the Int'l QRP Day, also the very birthday of JP6VCH ! Ate much, talked much, drank much, and slept on the floor in the log house. Saw JA6UG straight keying a full long QSO with his eyes closed. Someone shouted, "look, he is sleeping! Keying and sleeping simultaneously! He is snoring too!" What a boy, Ben JA6UGc
JA8CCL's antenna farm: JA1BVA and JA8CCL with banner of JARL QRP CLUB
JA1BVA, 7M1FCC and JA8CCL (the owner of the shack)
8J1VLP/0 A splendid view! Is it really Japan ?


Operators of 8J3VLP/3 at Mt. Rokko, Kobe, Japan.
Every one starts calling CQ soon after setting his/her antenna up.


8J4VLP/4 The view at 990 meters above sea level was splendid, so were the big (??) signals from there !
8J4VLP/4, 2005 at Izumo, Shimane Prefecture. Izumo is a popular sightseeing area where legend has it that ancient mythological gods and goddesses gathered for meetings and parties. Thousands of years later, many QRPers gathered.


JR7HAN operating 8J7VLP/7 at Lake Tazawa, Akita Prefecture, with his favorite KX1 and full size vertical. BTW, his favorite food is banana.
JA0VTK, one of the operators of 8J7VLP/7, with a K1 and straight key. A full-size inverted Vee extended alongside the lake. As you see, sunny and warm, good day indeed ! Batteries are being float charged from portable solar power panels.