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The QRP Get Together Meeting

The Project Scheme

  • Objective

    Host a monthly eye-ball meeting for promoting communication for QRP enthusiast in Akihabara. This meeting is opened to non-members of the JARL QRP CLUB.

  • The Meeting Agenda

    A) Report on the status quo of the members and exchange of information of members' activities.
    B) Show off QRP related rigs and operation information, exchange of ideas.
    C) Promotion of club activities to non-members through opened meetings.

  • Annex

    Host the end of the year party in December. May host a new year's party in January.

Project Staff

Call SignName
JE1RYHHideyuki Ozaki
7L1DNXTakumi Takeno
JN1SZFYasuhiro Tamura
JR1QJOIchiro Yabe


The introduction of the meeting shall be announced every month on the Club web - page and the QRP mailing list. Regular meeting scheduled on every 1st Saturday afternoon from 4 pm for 2 hours at the place situated on the map displayed below. There will be an optional after-party at a nearby drinking joint.

  • Place

    Charcol Roasted Coffee Hide-a-way Corona
       Sotokannda 1-14-3 Chiyoda-ward Denpa-kaikann 2F

Please direct your inquiries to the Project Staff on top of this page. As described on the 'Objective', anyone interested is welcomed to attend the meeting. So please feel free to join us !